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Seola Book Explained
There are some out there who believe that Mrs. Smith wrote her book Seola with the help of the demons . The correct term is "automatic writing".
Well, for those that want to believe that, fine. Here is what Mrs. J.G. Smith actually said about the matter.  So hopefully it puts the issue to rest.
This comes from the appendix of her book Seola, which also explains what the book is about.
I guess you can say and believe whatever you want, but I don't see any "demon influence" mentioned here do you?



"Seola is a fantasy, revealed to the writer while listening to the

performance of an extraordinary musical composition.  It was sudden

and unforeseen as the landscape which sometimes appears to a benighted

traveller, for the instant only, illuminated by the lightnings flash.

It does not  therefore pretend to be either history or theology, but

yet  the  theory  upon  which  the  story  is  founded  is  in  strict  accordance

with  the sacred writings of the Hebrews and traditions of other ancient

nations. It maybe briefly stated.

In the early ages of the world angelic beings became incarnate,

assumed the likeness of men, left the service of God, visited the earth,

mingled in its affairs, formed the most intimate connection with women,

and became the fathers of a progeny physically magnificent and

spiritually corrupt.  These powerful and depraved beings subverted the

government of the earth and filled it with intolerable crime.  The

Almighty put an end to this unnatural condition by sending a great

Deluge to destroy the kingdom of the Devas with their giant offspring,

and by imprisoning in chains and darkness the angels who had been

guilty of the offence, though certain evil spirits are still permitted to

roam the earth".

Mrs. J.G. Smith
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